Real Estate Platform

The Century 21 Real Estate Platform is a leading platform in the real estate industry that offers a smooth and user-friendly digital experience for both clients and agents. Our consultancy services concentrate on enhancing the design and user experience across various aspects of the platform. We work in close collaboration with the in-house development team.


  • After conducting in-depth analysis and research, I comprehensively understood Century 21 brand identity, target audience, and user behavior.
  • Collaborated closely with the internal development team to align design goals with technical requirements and development timelines.
  • We utilized Figma as the primary design tool to create cohesive and visually appealing designs for the corporate website, product portfolio, agent profiles, and financial modules.


To ensure a smooth and user-friendly design across various sections of the platform, including the corporate website, real estate product portfolio, agent profiles, and financial modules, we need to integrate dynamic financial modules that connect directly with financial institutions.

This will provide real-time rates and proposals for purchasing clients. As Century 21 has an extensive portfolio that includes thousands of properties in Portugal, hundreds of agencies, and thousands of agents, we need to ensure that we meet their expectations.


  • Enhanced user experience across the Century 21 Real Estate Platform, resulting in improved engagement and satisfaction for clients and agents.
  • Streamlined access to thousands of properties in Portugal, hundreds of agency profiles, and thousands of agent profiles, facilitating efficient property search and agent discovery.
  • Dynamic financial modules provide real-time rates and proposals, enhancing the platform’s utility for purchasing clients.
  • Successful project delivery within the expected development time of approximately 6 months.

Key Features:

  • Design consultancy covering corporate websites, product portfolios, agent profiles, and financial modules.
  • Utilization of Figma as the primary design tool for collaboration and iteration.
  • Seamless integration of dynamic financial modules with real-time data from financial institutions.

Our Services

  • Design Consultancy
  • User Experience (UX) Consultancy