Website Recovery, Redesign, and Digital Setup Optimization

Redbridge International School had assigned us the important responsibility of improving its online presence which was in a state of disarray. Our team took on the task of reviving their website, reorganizing their digital setup, redesigning the site, and optimizing their WordPress configuration. We were also responsible for creating and managing promotional campaigns for their various school offerings.


  • Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the current website and digital infrastructure to identify areas in need of immediate attention and enhancement.
  • Collaborated closely with the team at Redbridge International School to gain an understanding of their vision, objectives, and target audience.
  • Implemented a strategic plan to recover the website, including fixing technical issues, updating design elements, and optimizing WordPress configuration.
  • Created and managed tailored promotional campaigns for various school offerings using data-driven insights and industry best practices.


The old website is in disrepair with broken functionality and outdated design. To improve communication and promotion, reorganize your digital setup and design promotional campaigns to attract students to Redbridge International School’s programs.


  • Successful recovery of the Redbridge International School website from a state of disrepair to a modern, functional, and visually appealing platform.
  • Reorganized digital setup, improving overall efficiency and effectiveness in online communication and promotion.
  • Redesigned website and optimized WordPress configuration enhancing user experience and website performance.
  • Successful execution of promotional campaigns attracting prospective students and boosting enrollment across Redbridge International School’s diverse range of educational programs.

Key Achievements:

  • Website recovery and redesign from a severely degraded state.
  • Optimization of WordPress configuration for improved website performance.
  • Successful execution of promotional campaigns resulting in increased student enrollment.

Our Services

  • Website Recovery
  • Website Redesign
  • Digital Setup Optimization
  • WordPress Configuration
  • Promotional Campaign Management