The Swiss Medical Cannabis Company

Reyos is one of the first companies to design and coordinate gold standard clinical trials exploring the medical benefits of the cannabis plant. In a range of indications, cannabis may be safer, more effective and more cost-efficient than existing treatments, benefitting patients as well as healthcare systems. They work in collaboration with Kopfwehzentrum Hirslanden and the department for neurology at University Hospital of Zürich (USZ). Reyos is partnering with Stanley Brothers Bio-Tec to generate clinical evidence for specific products.

The Project

Reyos aims to improve patient access to innovative and evidence-based phytocannabinoid treatments. They design and coordinate gold standard clinical trials, and they also develop innovative medical cannabis products, exploring and shaping medical cannabis from multiple angles.
Cooltribes has developed a concept-based Brand, focussed on their principles and mission, using color tones within the Healthcare world, from Greens (Growth, Nature, and associated with money; also it is the easiest color for the eye to process), to Blues (associated with calmness, and security). This is an ongoing partnership, extending to a diverse range on digital consulting, from Consulting and Creative Direction to Website design, SEO, etc.

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